By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is “the must-have essential” that every household should have. I always have it in my home, because the uses of apple cider vinegar are almost endless. Make sure that you get the raw, unprocessed and unfiltered liquid form with plenty of “mother” in it. It may not look as nice as the clear stuff, but it is far better and beneficial because of the enzymes and probiotics that it contains.

10 Best Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar That are Beneficial For Health and Great For the Home

1. ACV supports digestion, bowel movement and prevents indigestion if taken before a heavy meal. Juice a whole lemon with a tablespoon of ACV into a cup of water and drink whenever you need it instead of using daily.

2. ACV supports nutrient absorption because it is high in acetic acid which can increase your body’s ability to absorb essential minerals.

3. ACV Supports weight loss plus reduce sugar cravings. Try adding it to hot water or a cooled green tea with honey for weight loss and weight management.

4. Apple cider vinegar supports detox, whether you bathe with a cup of ACV along with a cup of Epsom salt or drink a tonic made with ACV you will help your body to eliminate toxins.

5. If you want healthy and shiny hair, apply one tablespoon of ACV and one cup of water after shampooing your hair. ACV is perfect for product build up in the hair and an itchy scalp!

6. ACV is great for sanitizing your home. You can use for cleaning in both bathrooms and kitchens counters, sinks, windows, and mirrors. It is economical, green and clean! Just mix a 1:1 ratio of water and ACV.

7. ACV kills fingernail and toenail fungus. Slightly warm up ACV (in a microwave for 3-5 seconds) just enough to open pores.Try this two times a day for a couple of days. The discoloration may remain, but that is ok as long as it does not get darker or larger.

8. ACV contains a type of acid and probiotics, and that promotes the growth of healthy bacteria that can stop the over growth of Candida yeast.

9. ACV is an efficient and natural flea repellent, Why expose your precious pet to harmful toxins when you can go green?

10. ACV gets rid of nasty warts, naturally!

Apple cider vinegar is a smart choice for gut health in many cases but if you are someone who uses ACV and still experiences symptoms below you may need to take another step.

abdominal pain
acid reflux or heartburn bloating and gas
blood, mucus, and or pus in stool
Skin issues hives, skin rash, eczema
unexplained weight change
food intolerance
nutritional deficiencies
emotional imbalances that are caused by poor gut health

If you experience any of these symptoms regularly, then you should consider performing one of our Comprehensive Stool Tests. Sometimes, your microbial health and gut need a little more support than an ACV remedy and that is ok because we use natural protocols to help your gut function its very best when you order our stool test kit! No need to suffer from burdensome symptoms when you can order the best comprehensive stool testing that can help YOU and YOUR gut health!

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