By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings

Summer is what I would describe as a “happy season.” With all the warm weather and sunlight it only seems right to relax near the water. After all, it is summer time, time for BBQ’s, coolers, and some outdoor fun. Going for bike rides, walking, and even jogging are great ways to stay active, but they are not necessarily enough to keep you physically strong.

Here are 3 Exercises that Will:

1. Planks strengthen your core muscles and support your back and spine. Exercises such as sit-ups can damage your back, not so with planks. Planks help to reduce back pain, plus contributes to building upper back muscles. They also improve posture and balance and are way more efficient for developing your abdominal muscles than sit-ups.

2. Squats are known to be an exercise for the legs (calves, quadriceps, and hamstrings), but they also promote an anabolic environment which means it helps the whole body to grow muscle tissues to become stronger. Squats support upper and lower body strength, speeds up the body’s fat-burning process, and contributes to maintaining balance and mobility.

3. Push-ups may just be your one-in-all exercise because it hits your upper body, quads, and core in the same exercise! You will be strengthening your chest, shoulders, plus busting that belly into a flat tummy in no time. Since this exercise challenges various muscles, your heart is working which raises your metabolic rate too.

These are fantastic exercises that you can do at home or practically anywhere. Moreover, they take little to no time to do. You will feel yourself getting stronger and can always increase reps. Just be sure to keep in mind that  form is everything with theses exercises.

Now that you know which exercises will keep you will fit this summer, all you have to do is be consistent! I know, that is the hard part, but you can do it, and you do not even have to leave the house! Next is nutrition, make sure that you are eating wholesome foods and be sure to pack plenty of healthy snacks too!

If you are determined to be fit and healthy, this summer, you should consider testing your nutrient levels with our Vitamin and Mineral Test Kit to make sure that you have all the essential nutrients to support keeping you Strong!

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Make 2017 your best summer and be your healthiest this year!

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