career bad for your health By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

If you are among the average American you probably work 40 or more hours a week- and that is a significant part of your life! That is why I believe (and you probably do too) that it is so important to be in a career that you enjoy. Life flies by too quickly to settle for a job that is causing ill health and well-being. So, here are 4 signs that your career is bad for your health.

1.) Stress. Life is already stressful with situations that you cannot always control. If you are feeling stressed out most of the time due to work it could be affecting your overall health and well-being.

2.) Sleep. Sleep is vital for the body to function optimally on a daily basis. Overworking and or working night shifts could be affecting your body’s ability to promote the body’s growth, restoration, and self- healing.

3.) Mood- swings. Mood falls right behind sleep! Ever seen a cranky baby who just needed to get a nap or who got woken up from their sleep? That is pretty much the same for adults too, causing us to become irritable and cranky. If we are not enjoying what we are doing for forty plus hours per week, it can cause an ill mood.

4.) Hormones. I know this last one may be a shocker but being stressed out, not being able to sleep, and mood swings can affect your hormones. A hormonal imbalance may be the easiest and quickest issue to fix just by taking a hormone test- which you perform at home! You may not be able to control life, but you CAN control your hormones! Provided below is a hyperlink for more information about hormone testing.

If this information resonates with you, don’t panic, don’t stress! Now, you can start working on your passion and health. Don’t settle for less. Don’t compromise your health. Start your game plan to live your best- you got this!

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