By Maria Cummings

4 signs you have food sensitvitiesSometimes even the most health conscious person just doesn’t feel their very best. Believe me, I know; I have always thought of myself to be someone who loves to cook real food and be active, but cannot say that I felt my best despite my good intentions. I wish that I had known about food sensitivities back then because I could have spared myself many unwanted struggles. Now I want to share five signs that you may have food sensitivities so that you can make better food choices for You!

1.) Weight Struggle. If you have a hard time losing weight but think that you are eating healthy, you could be consuming foods that are prohibiting your weight loss efforts. I loved having a yogurt smoothie with granola first thing in the morning, I mean dairy and whole grains- good right? The problem is that I felt like a “busted can of biscuits” in my jeans- and being health conscious, I would not dare touch a can of biscuits!

2.) Skin Issues. If you are struggling with acne, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, rosacea, and or keratosis pilaris, this too could be a sign of food sensitivities, especially to gluten! Most people start their mornings with a delicious bowl of a gluten filled cereal, whole wheat toast or muffins, waffle, and much more. The protein in the grains can trigger an auto immune skin response.

3.) Headaches and Pains. If you are having headaches, muscle aches and joint pains on a regular basis, something that you are regularly consuming could be the triggering food(s). Pain medication just stops the symptom, but if you have a food sensitivity, you can eliminate the problem for good by learning which food(s) are contributing to the pain, eliminating them from your diet which can reduce pain and inflammation for you!

4.) Digestive Issues. Gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea, gas, bloating, stomach pain, nausea, and constipation can also be food related. Alane used to be so scarred to go out with friends and eat. She could not get a handle on what triggered her stomach to get upset most of her childhood, teen years and young adult years. It was not until testing was done that she learned which foods were the issue. Now she loves to go out to eat without fear!

Most people do not realize that the food that they are eating are wreaking havoc on the way they feel and look because these symptoms can take hours and up to days to start. You can easily skip the guesswork of trying to figure out which foods are affecting you by taking a food sensitivity test.

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