By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Donna Manrique

BRAIN POWER…. Are your brain lights ON, Dimmed or OFF?

We all know it, your brain controls everything! The brain controls your body, your organs, your actions, your decision making, your life. Yes, it does! Of course, you want it to function at its best, but what we don’t know is some common things or food you are eating can be hurting your central processor.

You are what you eat. Not quite feeling yourself these days? Look directly at your diet. Do any of these symptoms sound a little too familiar?

Weight Gain
Low Libido
Trouble Focusing
Stomach Aches
Food Cravings
Mood Swings

These symptoms could very well be  caused by a diet that is not helping the brain to produce the proper neurotransmitters and not in the right balance either.  But what do neurotransmitters do you ask? Simply put, they signal your brain and the rest of your body to work. They signal your heart to beat, the digestion to function, and the brain to react a certain way. They also signal our moods being up or crashing down. They help you feel physically and emotionally well when there is a balance between the calming, focusing, happy and stimulant neurotransmitters.

Want to pinpoint which neurotransmitters are at optimal levels for you? Or which ones may be too low?  Take a look at our neurotransmitter test. It is easy to do and includes an easy to understand test result and protocol.


Trans-fat – impacts memory, brain volume, aggression, and irritability.
Recommendation: ZERO trans-fats each day

Gluten– can contribute to leaky gut which can lead to brain inflammation and even “leaky brain. This can lead to epilepsy, depression, anxiety, insomnia, brain fog, or gluten ataxia (an autoimmune condition) Some research even hints at a correlation with gluten and bipolar and schizophrenia.
Recommendation: ZERO gluten each day

Sugar– impacts memory, hinders energy and can cause brain inflammation
Recommendation: No more than 6 teaspoons per day or less

Sodium– impacts cognitive health, narrowing of blood vessels with impact flow of oxygen and other essential nutrients. Electrolytes should be in balance.
Recommendation: No more than 1500 grams per day for healthy adults, less if you are not healthy.

Dairy (casein)Dairy is one of the top inflammatory foods. Casein can trigger intestinal changes, local, and systemic inflammation. It can lead to brain fog, pain, fatigue, stomach aches and even brain fog. 
use dairy free products like DAIYA instead

Let’s make sure your brain lights are always ON! The way we take care of ourselves plays a significant role in our brain health. However, sometimes we need a little more help and answers to restore the health of our brain. That is where our Neurotransmitter Test comes in to help! You are only one test away from optimal brain health!

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We care about you and want to help you feel your best.

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