By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Annah Gillettemoney tips to boost your health

Whether you believe it or not your health and your finances are linked in numerous ways. A bad snack habit can lead to excessive weight gain and if this habit is continued long term, it can inflate the cost of your health care. Stress is another major link that tends to be a four lane major highway with both north and south bound lanes.

Here are five tips you can put into practice TODAY:
1. Get consistent deep, restful nights of sleep. A full night’s sleep has been linked to 5% higher pay. Stressing about money means more sick days from work. “Take charge of your body, and it will have more of an impact than you would think on your finances, your psyche, and your overall quality of life,” says Ron Mastrogiovanni, founder, and CEO of HealthView Services.

2. Regular exercise fattens paychecks by 7% to 12%. When you are fit and healthy, you can reduce your overall stress and cut health care costs. Being overweight can lead to lower starting salaries and perceived lower leadership potential. On average earning 2.5% less than peers with normal weights.

According to a 2016 survey by the National Business Group on Health and Fidelity Investments, 84% of companies plan to continue or expand workplace wellness programs over the next few years. You can earn an average of about $650 for taking part, plus you may get access to free or low-cost coaching and classes. “They’re beginning to look at investments in employee well-being the same way they’d look at investments in training or safety,” says Brian Marcotte, president, and CEO of the NBGH.

3. Your health is your wealth; you can only give what you have. If you are stressed, tired, and always playing catch up someone is going to suffer, work, family, or friends. Putting yourself first allows you to serve others better.

4. Set a plan to relieve financial pressures. Create a budget and stick to it. Know where every penny is going can help you see any holes in your financial buckets. Choosing to plug the holes in your budget rather than pour more in, can allow you to fill your bucket even at a trickle.

5. Maintain a food diary to help you stay within your food budget. We tend to be grazers and convenience eaters. It is easy to spend $20 and 1350 calories on drinks alone during the day, a morning latte, soda at lunch, energy drink in the afternoon. Not to mention the office break room, or the snacks in the kitchen if you work from home. Eating smart and healthy can alleviate financial stress of unmonitored grazing and help reduce your waistline.

Improving your health helps you improve your bottom line! Feeling like your stress is high? A simple cortisol test can shed light on your overall plan to reduce stress, anxiety, and the effects on your immune system. If cortisol (stress hormone) is elevated there can be health consequences like weight gain, anxiety, insomnia, constant worry. If cortisol is low (flat lined) you have burnt out, and you need to properly support your adrenal glands, so a healthy cortisol amount is being produced.

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