5 reasons your hormones are out of balance By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

For some reason, the word hormones have a bad reputation. People either associate hormones with a cranky teen in puberty or a menopausal woman who seems “crazy.” Hormones are not bad; they are essential to our everyday health and well-being. However, when hormones are not in proper balance… it can throw everything off like our moods, weight, health, and appearance. Here are five reasons why your hormones may be off.

1.) Toxins: Most people probably are not thinking about toxins but toxins are in our environment. Toxins like mercury and lead can interfere with the thyroid and adrenal function, plus cause mood swings.

2.) Nutrition: Eating too much sugar and carbohydrates will not only cause you to gain weight it could cause your hormones to be imbalanced due to insulin resistance. Obesity and diabetes go hand in hand. Once the body starts to store fat, it also increases estrogen levels which can lead to weight gain, anxiety, breast swelling and more.

3.) Food Sensitivities: Unsuspecting food sensitivities affect people who have an autoimmune disease like hashimoto’s thyroiditis. These people should avoid gluten because the gluten proteins attack the thyroid which lead to the auto immunity.

4.) Unbalanced Lifestyle: Too much stress, too little sleep, and inactivity can cause more hormone imbalances. If you are stressed on a daily basis, you can also stress out your adrenals. Getting exercise in will help support good heart health and mental health by producing endorphin’s.

5.) Menopause: Peri- Menopause and Menopause can play a role on our hormones. Women going through these stages usually experience hormonal fluctuations that need to be supported properly to help with mood swings and overall well-being.

It only takes one hormone that is out of balance to cause many miserable symptoms. With so many reasons for hormones to be out of whack, I want to assure you that there is Help! We help people every day with their hormones! If you suspect that your hormones are out of balance, why not find out for sure by performing a hormone test kit? It is super easy to do!

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