By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

vitamins can help your skin glowI enjoyed working several years in the beauty industry. I can tell you from my experience that whether it be from behind the skin care counter or at the day spa most women want to have beautiful glowing skin. Genetics can play a role in your skin but if you did not get the “good genes” you can still improve your skin’s appearance. And, even if you were born with beautiful skin, you would still want to maintain your complexion especially as we age. Either way, we need to pamper our skin from the inside, and vitamins play an essential role in your skin care! We have all heard the saying “True beauty is from within” meaning your character, but beautiful glowing skin comes from within too! If you do not have the proper vitamins and antioxidants levels, you may never achieve that glow naturally. So here are five vitamins that you need to have at healthy levels, if you want to have vibrant, healthy skin from within!

Vitamin A- As we age, as hormones become imbalanced and there is sun damage, our skin can start to develop brown spots and wrinkles. That is where vitamin A comes in because of the derivatives are known as retinoids can reduce wrinkles, fade brown spots and transform rough skin into smooth skin. That is why vitamin A is a must-have ingredient in so many facial creams and lotions.

Vitamin C- helps promote brighter, glowing skin by kicking dullness to the curb! Vitamin C also fights against free radical that cause skin damage and wrinkles.

Vitamin E– is classified as a nutrient to the skin. Vitamin E will also fight against environmental damage to skin and free radicals. Vitamin E can also support hormone balance.

Glucosamine– treats hyperpigmentation, reduces wrinkles, assists in wound healing, and helps to provide moisture to the skin. When you have enough glucosamine in your body, you may end up using less moisturizer.

Coenzyme Q10– is an antioxidant which means it will slow down the aging process- Yay CQ10!!

Do you know if you have enough of these vitamins? You need to know if you want your skin to glow! Instead of running out to purchase vitamins that you may not need, you can easily find out specifically which vitamins your skin needs with our easy Vitamin and Mineral test! See, beauty does come from the within (the inside)!

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