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Uggh-Brain fog. Wait a minute, what was I just saying? Oh yeah, I was just going to share how brain fog has been the story of my life the past few years. Seriously though, brain fog can be pretty embarrassing, making you feel as if you seem a bit ditzy to others at times. Believe me, I know; my brain fog is one of the many gifts that my hypothyroidism condition dropped off on me a few years ago! Yay me!

Why Does Brain Fog Happen?
There are many reasons why brain fog occurs. Mine was from a thyroid condition but brain fog can be a direct side effect ranging from many different possibilities. Some causes of brain fog are vitamin and mineral deficiencies, food allergies low hormones, adrenal fatigue, toxic metals and more. Other reasons could be due to stress, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise. People who suffer from poor adrenals, thyroid dysfunction, and chronic fatigue often experience brain fog, and it’s symptoms.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Brain Fog
Trouble concentrating
Low energy

5 Ways to Stop Brain Fog

1. Get Adequate Sleep- get 8 hours of quality sleep
2. Reduce Stress- relax, try relaxing with a book, music, or bath
3. Eat Healthy- cut junk food and eat nutrient rich foods
4. Exercise- even if it is just a daily walk- get moving
5. Get Tested to find the CAUSE!

Brain fog does not have to leave you in a state of “where was I going?” all the time. There are ways to correct brain fog, but first, you need to know your brain fog’s primary cause. Do you suspect that it could be from lack of nutrients, or from hormones, or even food reactions? You can try to incorporate good sleep, reduce stress, eat proteins and lower the number of carbs focusing on foods that help increase memory and focus, and eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids to help alleviate brain fog. If you have tried all of the above with no improvement in your brain fog status, do not worry there is one more step you can take. We have several tests that can help you in many ways including finding out what is causing your brain fog so that you can address the root issue. Remember, brain fog can be due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, food allergies or even a hormone deficiency

Some of our test kits include:
Vitamin and Minerals Test Kit
Food Allergy Test Kit
Hormone and Adrenal Saliva Test Kit
Thyroid Blood Work

Thinking clearly can be right around the corner with one of our Comprehensive Test Kits!

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