7 reasons get hair analysis testBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

The most interesting and accurate form of testing for mineral deficiencies and heavy metal toxicities is through a hair analysis. A hair analysis can even give you insights about your heart health, energy levels, overall toxicity, thyroid and adrenals. Here are seven reasons why you should get a hair analysis test!

1.) Calcium is just one of the minerals detected in your hair through a hair analysis test. Calcium is vital to your overall health, and 99% of calcium is in the structure of your bones. Being deficient in calcium could cause symptoms of high blood pressure, osteoporosis, tooth decay, depression, fatigue, gallstones and kidney stones and hardening of arteries.

2.) Magnesium is another mineral that you do not want to be short on because it is vital for proper bone formation, it helps prevent kidney stones, and is necessary for energy production, optimal nervous system health and muscle health. Not having the correct amount of magnesium could cause you to experience anxiety, ADHD, fast or irregular heartbeat, muscle spasms, muscle cramps, constipation, and seizures.

3.) Aluminum toxicity is another reason to have a hair analysis done because the sources of aluminum toxicity are readily available through soda and beer cans, aluminum cookware, antiperspirants, drinking water, processed cheese and bread flour- yikes! High aluminum toxicity symptoms may include ADHD, mental confusion, anxiety, stomach aches, burning pain, headaches and more.

4.) Mercury is found almost everywhere in our environment; it is in our air, food, and water. Having high levels of mercury can affect your nervous and digestive systems and cause behavioral issues such as memory loss and disorientation.

5.) Lead poisoning can also be detected through the hair and it can not be detected accurately through the blood. Lead toxicity can affect almost every major body system there is from nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, and glandular systems just to name a few. Some lead toxicity symptoms are learning disabilities, nausea and hearing loss.

6 & 7.) Adrenals / Thyroid: Speaking of the glandular system that’s where the last two come in. Next up, are the Adrenals and thyroid. These two can affect your overall energy causing fatigue. They can also affect your metabolism causing weight issues too.

Did you know that a hair analysis tests for up to twenty heavy metals?

The test that gives you the MOST information about YOU is the Complete Hair Analysis Test.
The test that gives you the MOST information about YOUR toxicity level is the Toxic Elements Hair Analysis Test.

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