By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC
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Are you looking for the best acne treatment that gets rid of mild acne, cystic acne and all types of acne for good, so you can look and feel more confident?

Do you want clearer-looking skin and stop the acne breakouts?

Hi, I am Alane, and I understand wanting a natural acne treatment and stopping those annoying acne breakouts. Let’s discuss what causes the acne to happen, and then I will show you what to do to get them under control.

The first natural acne treatment support is to learn your personal food “triggers.  Even a healthy food, if it is not safe for YOU, will increase the risk and trigger a breakout. For example, I dealt with acne most of my life, and when I started to look at my diet and remove foods my body was reacting to, my skin cleared up. YAY. Food intolerance testing showed me that dairy, gluten, peanut butter, parsnips (yes, those funky white carrots), and beef were terrible for me. I would never have known this without testing. One day I enjoyed a peanut butter day with my son. Everything we ate had to do with peanut butter, and by 4 pm, I could feel the acne blemishes starting to want to breakthrough. I gave up, and after that day,

I never ate food that tested positive on food allergy testing, and my skin is clear. Phew

The second natural acne treatment support is hormones. Acne is a common skin condition when hormones out out of whack. Our hormones need to be balanced for the skin to be clear. I often see women struggling with acne, having high androgens and low female hormones, and I show them how to get their hormones back into balance. When I hit pre-menopause and then menopause, I had to adjust my hormone support. The rewards were clearer and healthier-looking skin. I only run saliva testing for hormone levels because it tells you what is in your tissues, and your skin is a tissue. For example, if the skin has too much testosterone or DHT, I want to see it, so I know the best protocol to help clear up your skin.

The third natural acne treatment support is thyroid. I will never forget one patient a few years back that I felt so bad. She was in her 20s and had a terrible case of acne. We ran Food testing was run, and she adjusted her diet. Her skin cleared up the acne about 50%. Then we did saliva hormone testing, which did show high androgens. Supported hormone balance, and again things improved. But for her, when we looked at her thyroid levels and saw she had very little Free T3, supported it with one supplement, and YAY, her acne cleared up.

If you are looking for a natural acne treatment protocol, you have found the right place.

Here is what I suggest (testing is listed in the order of importance) 

IgG IgA Food Testing: CLICK HERE 

Saliva Hormone Testing: CLICK HERE
Women: suggested is the female hormones + Cortisol saliva test 
Men: suggested is the male hormones + cortisol saliva test 

Thyroid Testing CLICK HERE  OR
Comprehensive Blood Testing which includes the thyroid.

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