adrenal cortisol By Alane Stieglitz,  ND, CNC

Is There Low Adrenal Cortisol Affecting Your Life? 

*You are so tired you cannot think straight.

 *You are so worn out that having fun with the kids seems like a chore?

 *You are so exhausted you need more cups of coffee to stay awake.

 *Life has been a bit difficult lately, but you have juggled things pretty well, or so you thought.

 *Your brain does not seem to be as quick or sharp as it used to be.

 *Life is busy, but you seem to be slowing down.

 *College has been so exciting, but the long hours are starting to get to you.

 *You love your job, and you are an excellent caregiver, but somehow you forgot to take care of YOU!

A relatively new term, “adrenal fatigue” (low adrenal Cortisol), was proposed as a new condition in 1998 by Dr. James L. Wilson, a naturopath, and chiropractor. He assumed that an over-stimulation of the adrenal glands (or “adrenal cortisol”) by chronic stress over time could lead to an inconsistent level of Cortisol (the stress hormone), sometimes far more than expected and at other times, far too low.

I hear the adrenal cortisol burnout story almost daily from patients. Some describe a car accident, and then the fatigue started; others describe caring for a loved one that was ill. Then the fatigue started; others discussed their many hours of over-exercise each week, and then the fatigue started. Adrenal fatigue can also exist when a person has an illness; at first, they may seem all revved up and handing things, but slowly they seem to burn out. Adrenal fatigue does exist, and it is easy to tell by adrenal cortisol testing. 

Your adrenal Cortisol should be highest in the morning so you can hop out of bed and start your day. Then at lunchtime, adrenal Cortisol should drop slightly. By dinner time, adrenal Cortisol should drop more, and at bedtime, saliva testing should show your adrenal Cortisol to be its lowest so you can sleep. If adrenal cortisosaliva testing shows that you have adrenal fatigue, your Cortisol may be flat-lined the entire day with no spikes, or it by drop suddenly after lunch and stay deficient.

Can adrenal cortisol testing tell if you have adrenal fatigue?

YES! One easy test, one clear answer!

Each adrenal cortisol test result comes with an explanation and a protocol to support better health and wellness.

How is YOUR adrenal cortisol curve? Is it perfect? Is it up and down? Is it flatlined? Is it high all day long? 

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