By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

adrenal fatigue tests Cortisol is known to many as the “stress hormone” and here is why.

The morning cortisol reading is so important to understand your cortisol curve. A good, healthy morning cortisol should be high, but not too high. If the morning cortisol is at a healthy level when you wake up you will want to open your eyes, get out of bed and start your day. If it is too low there may be inability to want to get out of bed, even after a good nights sleep. There may also be sadness, joint pain, depression and fatigue that needs a stimulant like coffee to help wake you up. For these people our adrenal fatigue tests would be recommended. On the other hand if morning cortisol is extremely high you may be waking up with a panic attack or your heart racing. The cause of the morning high cortisol may be your body’s “stress reaction” to a food reaction, an infection, a situational stress or an illness. Symptoms of high morning cortisol may be weight gain, anxiety, panic, sweating, overthinking, OCD, constant sickness and more.

When wanting to check your Cortisol levels, we recommend the Cortisol x4 saliva test. This test includes Morning cortisol, lunchtime cortisol, afternoon cortisol and bedtime cortisol. This way we see your complete daily cortisol rhythm.

Directions for collecting the samples are included in the test kit we send you. For the first collection (morning), the directions say it needs to be taken within 30 minutes from the time you wake up. I normally tell people to wake up, go and rinse your mouth out with cold water, get back into bed, wait 5 minutes then spit and fill up the first morning vial. That way the first collection is accurate.

Is your morning cortisol optimal? Order one of our adrenal fatigue tests to find out!

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