By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC
home allergy testing

We love our dog! But we never thought we could get one without myself and my youngest son being sick with allergy symptoms all the time. Anytime my son would come home from a friend or relatives house that had a dog he could come home wheezing and have your typical allergy symptoms. We did our own allergy testing on him and learned he was allergic to dust and dander from cat and dog. The problem is he really likes dogs and really wanted one of his own. I hated saying no to him.

I used to work with a medical doctor that had a Bijon. She kept telling me the dog was a hypoallergenic dog. The Bijon has hair, not fur, so there is no shedding. I had my son come to the clinic one day and purposely play with the Bijon most of the day. I worried like most mom’s would that he would have an allergic reaction. But to my surprise, he did not start to have his typical allergy symptoms. He convinced us he would be ok and he wanted a hypoallergenic dog of his own.

A week later, we went to a kennel and the dog we were supposed to bring home found us. People always say that when you go to a kennel or rescue your pet will find you, and it is true! He is an adorable Havanese and he is a blessing to our home and family. The Havanese are cousins of the Bijon and they too have hair not fur and are considered a hypoallergenic dog.

Do you think you or a family member are allergic to your dog or other pets? Would you like to know for sure if you are dog, cat, or dander allergic? Order our home allergy testing kit and find out for sure! If the testing shows you are allergic to your pet(s), our clinic can provide you with options for natural supplements to help you be around your pet without all those allergy symptoms!

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