By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummingsfood intolerance test

When your allergies are getting worse, your first response may be to go to your doctor for a refill prescription or head out to the store for an over -the -counter antihistamine for some relief. However, medicine may not be needed at all.

Most people do not realize that the reason why their allergies seem to be getting worse may be caused by something other than their seasonal allergies. What other reason could there be? Truth be told, your allergies symptoms could be getting worse because of -drum roll please… something that you are either eating or drinking.

Some specific foods may need to be eliminated when dealing with allergies and the immune response. The reason is that certain foods contain histamines which can cause or make allergies worse. Foods like the blue cheese Gorgonzola, wines, kombucha or kefir, sauerkraut, or any foods that have been fermented, are foods that should be avoided. These foods contain histamines, yeast or bacteria that occur naturally in the fermentation process.

Two of my kids are picky eaters. So, when one of my children told me that they “think that they were allergic to peaches” because their throat got itchy when he ate them- I figured he was a bit dramatic (OK really dramatic). Comes to find out that there was truth behind his statement because pollen induced foods can cause someone with allergies to have an oral-allergy with symptoms of a tingly or itchy throat or tongue (sorry son, my bad)!

So there are certain foods to avoid in a particular pollen allergy! Pollen related allergies are usually the easy ones to find. However, other foods may also cause allergy-like symptoms due to a delayed food intolerance reaction.  A delayed food intolerance is a bit harder to discover if you choose to do a food journal. We offer an IgG & IgE Food Intolerance Test that reveals which specific foods you need to avoid in half the time with 100% accuracy. Delayed food response symptoms can take anywhere from three hours and up to three days before symptoms develop or show, which is why they usually go undetected. For this reason, people continue to eat these foods because they do not realize that they have a food intolerance. Continually eating the wrong foods can weaken the immune system causing further immune and inflammatory responses.

Don’t let a food intolerance wreak havoc on your immune system! Find out which foods YOU need to avoid to feel great and stay healthy today!

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