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October 7,  2023

What is the Best Diet to Reduce Inflammation?

anti inflammation dietFinding the best anti-inflammatory diet and meal plan is crucial for good health. However, it’s essential to recognize that what may be effective for one person may not be effective for another. Just as our bodies are unique, so are our dietary needs.

Different individuals may have different dietary needs. For example, one person may find a Mediterranean diet helpful in reducing inflammation. Others may only need to eat less processed food, specific fruits or vegetables, and red meat.

It’s like a hidden enemy that gradually drains our energy. This can cause health issues like high blood pressure, weight gain, immune system challenges, digestive problems, and chronic diseases.

To regain control and have a healthier life, eating the right anti-inflammatory foods is a terrific start.

In this study, we will look at personalized diets that reduce inflammation. It will help you find the best diet for your health goals and needs.

What Foods Aggravate Inflammation?

anti inflammation dietIn general, unhealthy foods like processed meat, hot dogs, fatty fish, fried foods and sugary baked goods can aggravate chronic inflammation.

However, it’s important to emphasize that the specific foods that trigger inflammation can vary greatly from person to person. What might be an inflammatory trigger for one individual could be well-tolerated by another.

It’s crucial to customize your diet for chronic inflammation based on your own needs. Knowing your best food choices is crucial for improving your health and well-being.

Here is a personal example: I cooked a meal using ingredients that were supposed to have anti-inflammatory effects. But around one hour after eating the meal I felt inflamed, achy, bloated and looked like I gained 10 pounds. The meal had many ingredients like sweet potato, parsnips, chicken, green beans, and seasonings. I didn’t know which food caused the problem.

I had to avoid certain foods because of my chronic Lyme disease and irritable bowel syndrome. These conditions caused inflammation. I like being active and want to know which foods to avoid to stay that way.

I ran the same food intolerance test on myself that I suggest to my patients. The answers were very clear to me. Parsnips were a top trigger food for me along with apples, carrots, red meat and gluten grains.

I adjusted my daily diet and changed some recipes and the inflammation went down.

I have run many tests on clients and the results are all unique. The results have been astonishing. One person had a strong chicken intolerance, another had to avoid lettuce and others were not breaking down protein well. And people eating a plant based diet were able to know which plant based foods were best for them.

What are the 10 Worst Foods for Inflammation?

Here is a list of the 10 worst foods for inflammation in many people. But always keep in mind that your immune system and food reactions are as unique as you are. What doesn’t agree with one person might be just fine for someone else.

  • Dairy
  • Gluten Grains (wheat, rye, barley)
  • Fried Foods
  • Refined flour (white flour)
  • Red meat
  • Corn
  • Trans fats (vegetable oil)
  • Eggs
  • Soy
  • Peanut

What is the Fastest way to Reduce Inflammation in the Body?

anti inflammation dietThe fastest way to reduce inflammation in the body is to eat more anti-inflammatory foods. And, of course, it’s equally important to steer clear of foods that can trigger inflammation.

You can add more anti-inflammatory foods now into your daily diet and see how you feel. These include fresh fruits, vegetables (except for nightshades), lean proteins, salmon, tuna and seeds. 

Try removing gluten and dairy from your diet to check if inflammation decreases in your body. 

Of course, stress reduction is vital to reducing inflammation, as is regular physical activity and getting a good night’s sleep. 

In conclusion, our food choices can greatly affect our overall health. I hope this exploration of inflammation and health has shown that. Remember, we’re all unique, and what triggers inflammation for one person may not affect another in the same way. That’s where knowledge becomes power.

To control your health and prevent inflammation, try my preferred food intolerance test. It can help you choose the right foods.

With this test, you can identify the specific foods that might be causing inflammation in your body. With this knowledge, you can create a personalized, inflammation-reducing diet plan that you tailor just for yourself.

Don’t wait any longer – take the first step towards a healthier, inflammation-free life by ordering your food intolerance test now. Your body will thank you for it.


Order the 2 tests I ran on myself. I review all test results and create a personalized plan to help you heal your gut.


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