anxiety and nutrition By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

The Link Between Anxiety and Nutrition Can Help So Many People Feel Calmer & Healthier. 

It seems almost daily I am listening to a client share on their emotional health and how they feel it is linked to what they are eating. I tell them they are right. People are smart.  Nutrition and anxiety are definitely related.

Many times simple food intolerance reactions can lead to troublesome symptoms like anxiety, mood swings, trouble thinking straight, forgetfulness, hyper thinking and more. One minute you feel fine and the next you may feel like your head is spinning with the anxiety you feel. And all you did was eat a meal. Well, as a holistic nutritionist that understands how food affects the brain I want to know what you ate and if some of the foods are a food intolerance for you. 

Food intolerances are different than food allergies. They are harder to pin point. They affect the IgG and IgA immune pathways. They are “delayed” reactions unlike a true allergy which brings on your typical sneezing or coughing or itchy throat symptoms pretty fast and those appear in the IgE immune pathway. 

Some top trigger food where I see plenty of anxiety and nutrition links are gluten grains, dairy, egg, soy, sugar and nuts. But even healthy food, like lettuce, broccoli, almonds, etc. can cause anxiety IF your body is negatively reacting to the food. For example, I talk about my parsnip intolerance a lot. I can sit down feeling perfectly fine to a meal of organic chicken, green beans, carrots and parsnips and 2 hours later I look like I gained 10 pounds plus my stomach feels bloated which does link to me feeling a bit anxious. (the gut – brain connection). Each person is different so their anxiety and nutrition link can be totally different foods. 

It is not fair, I know, you want to eat what you want to eat! I do too, and I totally get it! I have to be careful not to eat food I am reacting to, or I am looking forward to a sleepless night and the next day feeling some anxiety and fatigue. And as busy as I am, that just cannot happen! I don’t have time in my day to feel bad.

The test I ran on myself is the test I am suggesting here to anyone that is wondering if their daily nutrition is causing anxiety. It is a combination of 200+ IgG and IgA  foods, additives, plus a comprehensive gluten intolerance test. Wow, all that in one easy finger prick or blood draw!

Some Benefits of food intolerance testing
*only eat the foods your body (and mind) are ok with
*save money on grocery shopping by avoid tossing out food you are reacting to
*improved inflammation
*more energy and mental clarity
*easier weight loss
*improved absorption
*sleep through the night – YAY 

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