B vitamins By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

There are plenty of health benefits from B Vitamins for Women, Men, and Children. 

Before taking a Vitamin B complex, it is essential to know if your body needs all the B vitamins or just 1 or 2.  Why? Only take the vitamins your body needs! This saves money and provides clarity of precisely what your body needs. 

When I started to work in this field over 30 years ago, I wanted to learn about every vitamin and its role play in our body. I was fascinated to learn all of the benefits of taking vitamins and the symptoms due to a lack of a specific vitamin. 

I worked long hours on my feet in the early 1990s and had to stay in tip-top shape and have enough energy to feel like a Rockstar. Many Lyme symptoms I was dealing with were fatigue and nerve pain which created a challenge for me. When I researched B vitamins and their benefits, I learned that they could help improve my energy, mental clarity, cardio health, and even nerve pain. I bought a Vitamin B complex and took one each morning with breakfast, and my energy improved and felt normal. I forgot what that felt like.

Years later, I needed to learn more. I needed to learn how every vitamin affected people and know what specific vitamins, especially the Bs, people required. My work in a Vitamin Shoppe taught me that people were spending tons of money on vitamins, but they did not know exactly what they needed. It was a vitamin guessing game. That did not sit well with me. 

When I started school, I learned about nutritional labs that are available to my clients and to me. One of my favorites is the Vitamin and Mineral Blood test. Before they buy a vitamin, people want to know if it will help them improve their health and symptoms. With vitamin testing kits, they get these answers and clearly to their specific needs. 

How does it work? You place your order, and we mail the vitamin test kit to you right away. We provide you with a few lab facilities near you to draw blood. There is usually a small blood draw fee for this to be done. Results are emailed to you in about 4 weeks with a protocol from our lab and me! That is right. I want to make sure you know exactly what your body needs: B vitamins, ALL vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

If you have specific health symptoms, a vitamin test can provide you with answers to which vitamins may help you and your deficiencies. YES, when I ran my first test, it was not a surprise that my antioxidants were low (due to Lyme), and many B vitamins were deficient too. Taking a vitamin B complex helped me very much to improve my health and life. 

B vitamins benefits:
energy production
stroke prevention
easing PMS symptoms
methylation support (cellular detox)
balance and coordination
neurological health
numbness and tingling sensations
sores in the mouth or on the tongue
brain development
immune health
mental clarity

Everything you want to know about B Vitamins is in one simple blood test! 

Our philosophy regarding vitamins is only to take what YOUR body needs and nothing else! If you are low in B’s, we will let you know.

Are energy and focus necessary for life? Absolutely! And B vitamins are essential too!

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Medical disclaimer: Our tests cannot be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All test results are to be used as educational materials and as a guide to help support your overall health and wellness. Always discuss health concerns with your medical doctor.