By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

Oh, sugar, sugar! Did you just now sing that in your head? Well if not, you probably are now! One of the problems with sugar is that it is highly addictive; research says that sugar is ten times more addictive than cocaine- wow! No wonder we crave it so much. Other problems with sugar are in relations to a low blood sugar (glucose) condition also known as hypoglycemia in medical terms and or high blood sugar that causes insulin resistance and / or diabetes.

People who have hypoglycemia can manage their symptoms through diet by limiting foods that are high in sugar. Sugary foods such as desserts, custards, soft drinks, caffeine, syrups, jellies, and jams can cause a very quick increase in blood glucose. A quick rise in blood glucose can lead to an excessive increase of insulin and then a drop in glucose causing hypoglycemia and high cortisol which causes anxiety can occur all at the same time! When blood sugars drop, the ability to control the desire to eat healthy is replaced with cravings for something sugary and high in calorie; this can be a vicious cycle if not corrected.

High blood sugar can cause insulin resistance over a period of time. The pancreas releases insulin to transfer the excess glucose from the blood into the cells for energy production. Eventually, over time the blood cells will not be able to respond to the insulin and becomes insulin resistant, but the cravings will still be around. These sugar cravings are a love-hate relationship, because while you are craving sugar, the effects are wreaking havoc on your body. For example, insulin resistance can further assist in the destruction of the thyroid gland for people who have thyroid autoimmune disease and it can cause weight gain and fatigue.

The good news is that there is hope, and you can overcome these cravings! If you are one of the many individuals who struggle with sugar cravings, you can now have your insulin, leptin, sodium and potassium levels tested at your convenience without a visit to the doctor’s office. Try our Comprehensive Blood Test and get your blood sugars under control!

We care about you and want to help stop those cravings!

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