best stress By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Donna Manrique

Stress is the result of very difficult, demanding circumstances. It could be a rush deadline at work, running late to a doctor’s appointment because “Fido” ran out the door. Other daily stresses may be the SINK is overflowing; the kids are yelling, and it’s time for dinners when the PHONE is ringing, it’s your BOSS about an important project at work. Or any other Calgon moment that you may experience day to day. It puts you, your body and mind, under an emotional strain that isn’t healthy.

What does stress do to the body? Understanding the impact of stress and cortisol in your body is important. Ideally, cortisol goes up during stressful times and gradually returns to normal during the course of the day. The cortisol issue occurs when this “stress” happens too much and your body cannot produce cortisol as needed which leaves you with adrenal burnout. In today’s world, there are many daily stressors and more obligations but it’s critical to take time out for yourself and to cleanse your mind and body. Pranayama, in Hindu yoga, is a formal practice for controlling your breathing. Breath of Fire, a Pranayama technique, specifically is an excellent way to get back to and maintain “normal” cortisol levels!

A breathing technique, right? How difficult can that be? 😊 Well, it is a very sophisticated breathing technique and well worth the practice and time to perfect this technique!

Breath of Fire

  • Is the process of inhaling and exhaling through your mouth or nose
  • Simultaneously during exhalation, pulling your abdomen towards your diaphragm and out while inhalation
  • Each second, you should have 2 -3 complete breaths
  • It should also be very loud – people next to you will hear your breath
  • When perfection is achieved, 120-180 breaths will occur within one minute’s time!

Amazing Results!!!

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? We recommend testing your adrenal cortisol levels. You may have high cortisol or adrenal cortisol burnout and don’t even know it!

Abdominal fat                                 High blood pressure                     Low thyroid function
Imbalances with blood sugar     Disturbances in your sleep         Decrease in muscle mass
Low cognitive functioning          Decreased bone density               Suppressed immune system

By regularly practicing this Kundalini method, Breath of Fire will help you SOAR again! And the health benefits SOMETHING LIKE FLOWING OVER –

  • Purifies your blood and help the lungs by releasing deposits!
  • Cancer’s enemy = Oxygen! Burns away disease
  • Promotes the generation of heat, resulting in a release of natural energy throughout your body
  • Promotes internal harmony, positively impacting overall health
  • Cleansing – rids your body of the bad effects of smoking, drugs, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine, replace bad habits with cleansing habits
  • It even improves your digestion! The pulsating of the diaphragm massages the internal organs and makes your digestive system happy!
  • Increases physical endurance
  • Strengthens and balances your nervous system

We highly recommend the Cortisol x4 Adrenal Saliva Test. This test includes morning, lunchtime, afternoon and bedtime cortisol – this way we see your COMPLETE daily cortisol RHYTHM. It’s is very simple to take the test at home, just pick up the phone and call us if you have any questions.

Armed with the right information and tools, we can partner together to get you back on the road to being the BEST YOU POSSIBLE!

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