By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

allergies test kit Having issues with breathing, itchy eyes, runny nose or some other annoying symptom? If you think you may have allergies, then it may be very beneficial to do an allergy test. No, not the kind where you have to make a doctor’s appointment and lie down to get stuck by a lot of needles on your back. The allergy test that I am talking about goes way beyond the “norm”.

When you are suffering from allergies, it can drastically affect your everyday life. The symptoms can be so bad that some people will even miss work or school or end up on allergy medications that have other side effects that are nearly impossible for someone to function regularly. The sad truth is that most people do not know what particular substance(s) in the environment is causing their allergy symptoms. It could be the grass, a tree, weed pollen, etc. Alternatively, what about mold? Mold is outdoors and can be indoors. Even the nicest offices and homes can have mold. It could even be something adorable like a pet or something that never seems to go away like dust. However, the bottom line is to find your exactly what is causing the allergy symptoms. No guesswork, just answers!

With today’s cutting edge in technology our allergy test kits can pinpoint what you are allergic to in your environment. Comprehensive allergy testing is beneficial for two reasons. One reason is that once the allergy is identified a plan of action can be made. Secondly, now a plan of how to get relief from your symptoms can be determined- besides there’s no time for guessing games!

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NOW is time to enjoy life without annoying allergy symptoms!

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