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 Best Hair Growth Vitamins for Women to Have Healthy Looking Hair. 

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December 30, 2022

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Over the last few years, I have talked with more and more women wanting to learn about the best hair growth vitamins for women. I agree that vitamins can help support healthy hair growth, and I will discuss some of the best supportive ones in this video. But when it comes to the best hair growth protocols, I have to talk about getting to the bottom of things – or figuring out why there is an issue with hair growth in the first place.  

best hair growth vitamins

Believe it or not, going back 30 years ago, my hair was thin, lifeless, and coming out like crazy. It was all over the shower, the bathroom floor, in my hair brush, and everywhere except where I wanted it to be, on my head. 

That was when I started working in the field of holistic nutrition and learning about vitamins. I worked in a busy vitamin store when I started in the field. I had shelves and shelves of vitamins at my disposal, and I needed help to grow my hair. I asked the store’s owner for the best hair growth vitamins for women, and she gave me her favorite bottle. I crossed my fingers that it would help, but it did not; not her fault and not the vitamin’s fault. I hadn’t gotten to the bottom of why my hair was so thin and frail in the first place. Lesson learned! 

As I studied holistic nutrition and naturopathy, things I questioned about my health started to make sense. One of the phrases you will hear me say on my videos often is “test, don’t guess.” I fully believe in learning truths and not spinning my wheels on guessing games regarding taking vitamins and supporting health. 

Let me explain: 

Say you came to see me virtually as a client – because you wanted to learn the best hair growth vitamins for women, and hair loss was your #1 concern or symptom. The answer would not be, “take this vitamin and call me in the morning.” My clinic would say, “Let’s run some nutritional tests and find out what your body needs to support better hair growth in the first place.” 

One test is a functional, comprehensive thyroid test. This functionality thyroid test would include TSH, free T3 and T4, and thyroid antibodies. And these have to all be at excellent levels; if they are borderline, that is not ok. 

Second I would look at free or bioavailable levels of hormones – in the saliva, not the blood. Saliva hormones tell you what is in the body’s tissues, and your hair is the 2nd largest tissue. Cool huh? I have seen many women who tell me their hormone levels are fine, but when we look at them in the saliva, they have an uh oh moment and say, “oh, they are not ok.” 

Lastly, I would look at the functionality of your vitamin levels in blood work. Suppose you watched my video on the best way to test for vitamin deficiency. You will know I only like whole blood testing or WBC micronutrient testing for accurate vitamin functionality levels. The vitamin test I have is top notch – it looks at how your vitamins are functioning in your body over the last 4-6 months – static tests don’t do that. 

Ok, so let’s talk a little about some of the best hair growth vitamins for women that can be low in the tissues – 

The first vitamin I typically see low in women is B vitamins. Bs help improve your cell turnover level, energy, metabolism, focus, liver detox, and support healthy hair growth. Bs help deliver oxygen throughout the body, so they have been known to support healthy hair. Looking at some individual Bs is essential too: 

B2 – helps regenerate new cells 

B3 – helps push blood throughout the body 

B7 – biotin is more directly responsible for hair growth 

Folate – helps with amino acid absorption, which is the building block of protein, and protein deficiency can be linked to hair loss. 

B12 is needed for red blood cell formation 

Another vitamin that can be helpful for one of the best hair growth vitamins for women is vitamin D. According to PubMed; Vitamin D has anti-inflammatory and immune-balancing properties. It also affects the hair cycle. And according to Healthline, Vitamin D is a vital nutrient essential to our health. It boosts immunity, keeps bones strong and skin healthy, stimulates cell growth, and helps create new hair follicles. Important is that vitamin D is to help regulate cell cycles, which is particularly important when it comes to hair growth.

You may be asking – when will my hair grow back? The answer may be simple – when your thyroid, hormones, and nutrient levels are working again. As I said before, my hair was so frail, and now it is super curly and super healthy, and I do not take a vitamin pill for my hair; I support hair growth by supporting my health the way it needs to be supported. 

If you want the best hair growth vitamins for women, here is a friendly suggestion.

  1. Click on the links below and test – don’t’ guess – below is a link to some nutritional labs, hormone saliva, and a white blood cell vitamin deficiency test. All test results come with a personalized protocol, so you know exactly what to do to support your hair and health. 




  2. Another option is to click on the link to book a virtual nutrition counseling appt with me, and let’s talk. CLICK HERE

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best hair growth vitamins

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