By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Russell Shein

hormone imbalance test onlineWe need hormones, even though they may cause annoying symptoms. Hormones act as the catalysts for processes in our bodies. Without them, nothing would get done. With too few, our bodies are sluggish. With too many, they burn through energy and resources too quickly. Hormones balance each other to maintain optimum health. For the best hormone test, we recommend a saliva test. Blood tests only show the hormones currently unbound and in use, whereas saliva shows us the unbound hormones and thus the hormone potential of the body. In fact, the saliva ducts only allow in unbound hormones – removing the need to separate the two different types from any collection. Both men and women can suffer from hormone imbalances – whether it be sex hormones or energy hormones (adrenals). While the specific symptoms can differ between genders and from person to person, generally the symptoms can involve fatigue, brain fog, mood changes, low sex drive, hair loss and just generally not feeling healthy. Once you select your hormone imbalance test online (from our store), we mail it to you right away. Collect the sample at home, no need for a lab! Refrigerate or freeze the sample for a few hours then mail it to our lab. Around 14 days after your sample is received, you will have the results as well as a detailed protocol based based on your test results.

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