Best Summer Slim-down SecretsBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings

Summer fashions are usually made to reveal beautifully toned legs, arms, backs, and shoulders. However, summer clothes for a few may mean exposing some rolls (if you know what I am saying). There is no doubt that many are struggling with shedding their unwanted winter weight gain. Before doing a starvation diet or reaching for a quick fix or crazy diet pill, keep on reading!

Summer is here, and many women feel like they can not measure up to the false expectations. I mean have you been through the grocery store checkout line lately? The magazines covers with airbrushed models are enough to sabotage any self-esteem. Then you get into your car, and a commercial for plastic surgery airs on the radio. Listen to me- YOU Are Beautiful, and you do NOT need diet pills or surgery! You can slim down naturally with some of the best secrets for this summer!

Best Summer Slim-down Secrets

• Do Not skip breakfast; it really is the most important meal of the day. So, start the day off right with protein, fiber, and healthy fat.

• Snack lightly in between meals with healthy choices like an egg, nuts, fruit, or yogurt. You should eat about every two and a half to three hours. Starving or severely limiting calories will cause your body to store fat instead of using your food as fuel!

• Stay hydrated with about eight to ten glasses of water daily. Also, drink a cup of hot water with the juice of half a lemon. Hot lemon water help with bloating and aid in detoxing and digestion.

• Pull out a favorite outfit or pin an outfit from Pinterest and screenshot it to your phone to remind yourself of your slim-down goals.

• Get eight hours of sleep. You want great results right? Then, be kind to your body by letting it restore itself through a good night of sleep regularly.

• Get active! It is summer time so get out and get some sunshine. You can go walking on the beach or a trail, ride a bike, do laps in the pool, just do something that you can enjoy!

• Nutrition is eighty percent of your goals so, plan your groceries. Get rid of all junk food that will tempt you! Eat healthy foods and prepare your meals whenever possible. Focus on non starchy veggies, low glycemic fruits, healthy proteins and good fats.

Did you know that a food intolerance or an imbalanced thyroid can put a halt to your slimming down efforts? Even if you make healthy choices, if you have a food sensitivity you, may not be able to make your goal no matter how good you are. We have seen this over and over with people trying to lose weight. Furthermore, if you have a thyroid condition, you will struggle to lose weight and gain weight quickly even if you make healthy choices too. If you have been struggling with slimming down even though you eat nutritiously, you should highly consider our Food Allergy Test and our Comprehensive Thyroid. This summer is Your summer! #GOALS

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