Best Vitamins for Women

The Best Vitamins for Women

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May 20, 2023 

The Best Vitamins for Women


I started my career in holistic nutrition by working in a busy vitamin store in the 1980s. My curiosity overwhelmed me as to why one woman bought one particular vitamin, and another got a different one. The big question was how they knew what vitamins to buy. And how did they know what they needed?

I got my degree in nutrition because I am confident that the best vitamins for women are the best for their health and individual metabolic needs.

This video will explain more about the best vitamins and women. 

Some vitamins can give you energy; others will provide you with strong legs to be active; others will keep you focused when you have long work days and need to be sharp-minded; other vitamins for women will help you stay happy, calm, and collected. As I studied the best vitamins for women, I started to feel like I could conquer anything if I had the proper nutrients. Or should I prevent you from getting frazzled and emotional and feeling like crying at times?

What Main Vitamins Should a Woman Take Daily? 

When I go online and look at all the types of vitamins, even I get confused. I focus on my symptoms and which vitamins would help me feel better. 

On average, one of the main vitamins a woman should take daily is Bs, with folate and B12 being tops. 

In life, we women deal with a lot. Life can be difficult, overwhelming, and even exhausting. We want to be on top of our game for everyone, but that is only sometimes possible, especially if we are low in specific vitamins. 

My drive is 40 minutes, and you have to stay focused and alert while driving in Atlanta traffic. A full day is working in my clinic, which I love, and ensuring I answer Mom’s emails within an hour when she sends me a question. If I don’t, she will call me and ask what is wrong. Then I get home, have dinner with my husband, walk the dog, answer emails, and do it again tomorrow. 

On weekends, I love to have fun with friends and family. 

The best vitamins for this woman and most of my female patients are B vitamins, with extra folate and B12, D, and Zinc. 

Here is an article I wrote about nutrient deficiencies in women. 

Which Vitamin is Best for a Woman? 


Turning 60 this year and living a very full and active life, even I get tired at times. I do eat pretty healthy to assure I get all of my nutrients but no one is perfect.

Vitamin B9 , which is also called folate is the best vitamin for a busy woman in my opinion. I have seen the most health and wellness turn arounds by adding this to a females protocol.

Health improvements from vitamin b9 have to do with the mood, mental clarity and cardiovascular health.  

Other vitamins that are best for a woman are b12, D, Magnesium, and Zinc. 

  • Vitamin B12 helps improve energy, mental clarity, the metabolism, blood and nerve cells and strength.


  • Vitamin D helps improve immune health, skin appearance, hair health, energy, reduces cancer cell growth, controls infections and inflammation.


  • Zinc is my favorite vitamin for the skin as it helps improve wound healing, the metabolism, your sense of taste and smell, healing damaged tissues, and it help cells grow. My secret trick with zinc is that it helps clear up acne blemishes so if I have a cheat day and get a red dot on my face, I just take more zinc. 
  • There are different types of magnesium. Overall, magnesium helps improve muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and sleep.


What Vitamins and Supplements Should Every Woman Take? 


Over the many years in practice I have seen that each woman needs a personalized vitamin plan. Not a cookie cutter program. 

For instance, I may need 2 B complexes a day; my sister may need three, and my neighbor none. The best vitamin for a woman is the ones their body needs to feel and look their best. 

There are a few ways to figure this out. The best way is to run intracellular vitamin testing on yourself so you know precisely what vitamins are best for you.


  • Take a look at this page and learn more about the best vitamins for women and proper testing.  There is a full-color sample on the page to show you all it tests for – it is super helpful and amazing.


  • Take a look at my online store for vitamins.  I personally use Active Nutrients wo Iron, Methyl B (1 in the morning), OptiMag Neuro (Berry) at bedtime, Ossopan MD (1 at night), D3 5000 and K2, and Zinc Glycinate (1)

best vitamins for women

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