By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

blood test to determine vitamin deficiency Do you go online researching vitamins frequently? Do you go into your local vitamin store to purchase vitamins to support your health? Do you ever wonder if you are spending your money wisely or wasting your money? I did! Many years ago, back in the 1980s, I started to work in a very busy vitamin store in the North East. So many people came in and spent $100 or more on their monthly or even weekly supply of vitamins. I enjoyed speaking with the customers each day and learning why they were taking a specific vitamin or mineral. Some had researched a specific vitamin and how it can help an illness they had and others heard about how a vitamin can help with a health challenge and they were coming in to try it. We also had some medical doctors come in frequently to the vitamin shop and taught me a lot about health, nutrition and vitamin deficiency. After a long day at the shop I would go home and read, read and read about vitamins and how they help with specific conditions. It totally fascinated me.

I had only one problem during this time. I am the kind of person that questions everything so I started to question HOW these people know if they need a specific vitamin. I felt that symptoms alone were not good enough as one symptom can be caused by so many different things. I wanted to see something more exact for the people that came into the store. Something that showed exactly which vitamins they needed and how much they needed. When I opened my clinic years later, one of the very first laboratory representatives that came in was from Spectracell Lab. They run a blood test to determine vitamin deficiency. I was thrilled and started running these on my clients that came in wondering about their vitamin needs. Each client, one by one started feeling better as they started to take the specific vitamins their body needed. I only wish this test was available back in the 1980s when I worked in the vitamin stores, it could have helped so many people.

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