breast cancer prevention By Alane Archer, ND, CNC

Yes, your body has the incredible ability to heal itself, even when you may think there is little hope. When there is an illness, I always tend to talk about ways to feed the body to stop feeding the disease. Certain foods can hinder our ability to heal itself so taking those out is an easy way to start.

Here are your 7 steps:
#1 . Inflammatory foods like dairy, gluten, sugar need to be removed.
#2. Immune- supportive foods loaded with antioxidants should be eaten. These may include berries, organic non-starchy vegetables, wild caught fish like salmon, organic chicken etc.
#3. Make sure nutrients are bio-available and absorbing correctly. Nutrients like glutamine, D, collagen, probiotics, DGL, fish oil can all enhance absorption.
#4 Go through the pantry and cabinets in all rooms and hallways and toss out anything that is not natural, full of sugar,  and is overly processed. This may include aspartame, MSG, cookies, cake mixes, regular toothpaste, mouthwash with color dyes, shampoos with chemicals, floor cleaners with chemicals, bug killers, etc.
#5. Make sure your thyroid is working correctly. Have your physician run TSH, T4, Free T4, T3, Free T3, TPO ab, and thyroid antibodies. You can also order a thyroid test via our online store.
#6 Consider saliva hormone testing along with comprehensive blood-work. Saliva tells you if your hormones are low OR if they are building up in your tissues which can contribute to hormone overload. This can be a problem.
#7 Lastly for #7, of course I am going to suggest a life with low stress. Getting stressed out is just not worth it. Life is short, and we need to make the most of it, every day. When there is stress, here comes cortisol which is usually high when cancer is present. Make life adjustments, chose friends that are low stress, don’t sweat the small stuff and pray things through. A relationship with our creator is tops for me. Whether you go to a church, temple or talk to God on your own, enhancing your spiritual side is never a bad thing.

I will never forget a 35- year-old women came in right after her mom had passed away from breast cancer. She said that she knew in her gut that her mom had a thyroid problem that was never diagnosed or treated. She was scared for herself. I ran comprehensive thyroid testing on her, and she DID have a slow thyroid with a Free T3 deficiency. I also ran saliva hormone testing on her, and her Testosterone was quite high. I gave her a supplement to help rid the body of excess hormones, and her levels improved. The interesting thing was that her blood test for sex hormones was normal but when we did saliva testing they were imbalanced. Saliva tells you what is being utilized in the body better than blood. And if there is a weight issue sometimes it can be caused by excess hormones being made by the body and flushing them out can help.

So, there are several things a person can do for breast cancer prevention. Cancer happens, but you can take measure to prevent it and help the body fight it.

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