By Alabring-your-microbiome-into-balancene Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

Your microbiome is a whole eco-system of 100 trillion microbes (micro-organisms) that the body hosts from the inside of the gut to the outside of the body on the skin. One hundred trillion microbes out number the amount of cells in the human body by ten to one! You should know that your microbiome is really good for you! It is your immunity’s protection! Well, as long as the microbiome in your gut is balanced that is. The microbiome is how your immune system stays or does not stay healthy. These micro-organisms live in groups of communities consisting of symbiotic, commensal and pathogenic bacteria and usually they live in harmony with each other. However, if you have too much of the wrong bacteria in your microbiome they will quickly multiply and cause chaos in your gut and in your body which does include effecting your sense of well-being. So, not sure if your microbiome needs some balance?

Here are a few symptoms that you may have if your microbiome is out of imbalance:
Abdominal Pain
Skin Problems
Constant Sicknesses
Hair Loss
Weight gain
Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Having these symptoms regularly could be due to dysbiosis (bad bacteria in the gut) overgrowth. Beware because these nasty little guys will try to take over and make you feel terrible! That is why you need to support your personal 100 trillion microbial army, and you can do this by feeding these good little fellas with nutrient rich fermented foods along with other dietary improvements (like cutting down on sugar and white starches) You want these guys are fighting for YOU! To be sure if your microbiome is balanced you can perform a Comprehensive Stool Test- it is the best way to assess and address any issues in the gut! Help your microbiome win the war of keeping you healthy! You don’t have time to “wonder” if YOUR microbiome is balanced- find out with through a stool test!

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