Burn Fat and Increase Lean Muscle Mass in 3 Simple StepsBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings

Most folks want to “tone up” and get lean, and there are a million and one suggestions out there making it confusing and sometimes even harmful. Getting fit is not that complicated. In fact, it is pretty simple, and I am going to show you how by taking you back to the basics.

Step one is nutrition and about eighty percent of your fitness begins with what you eat. You know what that means, skip the junk food and eat whole foods. Protein and good fat are two foods that you need if you want to burn fat and increase lean muscle mass. I know, it sounds like I did not say that right, but I did! You need to eat plenty of protein to repair and build muscle, and you need healthy fats to lose the unwanted fat. Healthy fat will give you fuel for your workouts and keep you full longer too!

Step two is strength training 3-4 times weekly. I know that strength training can be intimidating, but it is necessary for building muscle and burning fat. Do not worry ladies; I am not trying to have you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger back in his bodybuilding days!:)) However, you will not be able to achieve muscle mass by doing cardio alone. Cardio is good, but if that is all you do, you will end up losing muscle mass instead of gaining it.

Step three is sleep. I told you that this is going back to basics!  Sleep is essential for the body to repair itself. The recommended amount of sleep is 6-8 hours a night. Not getting enough sleep can raise cortisol levels and do you know what that means? Belly fat and stored fat. So help yourself by getting enough sleep regularly!

These steps are easy to incorporate, but sometimes hormones may stop someone from being able to get adequate sleep or lose weight regardless of how much they try. Furthermore, others do not have enough fat burning nutrients to help them lean down and build muscle. I have great news for both situations! We offer two tests that can assist in either circumstance.

The first test is our Hormone Saliva Test Kit, so if you believe that your hormones are off, or you suffer from insomnia, weight gain, low libido, depression, and brain fog to name a few hormonal symptoms, then this test is for You! Low hormones can contribute to weight gain but high hormones in the saliva do to! In women, estrogen, Testosterone and DHT can cause difficulty in weight loss.

The second one we offer is our Vitamin and Mineral Test Kit. It is a comprehensive vitamin panel to see which nutrients are lacking for optimal health, performance and weight loss.

These tests are both excellent options to help you reach your goals. You got this, now make your goals happen!:)

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