By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

Fall is riallergies test kitght around the corner and that usually means beautiful weather, autumn colored trees and of course pumpkin spice lattes! It’s the perfect time to open up windows, get outdoors, gather near a fire pit in the evenings or take a hike in the woods. What’s not to love? It’s one of my favorite seasons! While most of us anticipate the fall season, not everyone is able to enjoy the crisp fall air due to their dreaded fall allergies. That’s because allergy symptoms go haywire at the end of summer and beginning of fall due to the high pollen and mold counts in this seasonal transition.

Your eyes, nose and throat are usually the first to react to environmental allergies and seasonal changes. And as if that wasn’t bad enough taking certain allergy medicines can also have side effects like teary eyes and drowsiness! So, what’s a person to do? It seems impossible to enjoy outdoors when something as simple as leaves being raked into a pile can cause allergies AND when the leaves get wet, it makes a perfect breeding ground for mold!

So what can be done about fall allergies and will you ever be able to enjoy the beautiful fall weather? The answer is that there ARE options available and you can enjoy the fall season ! Even though you can’t control the environment you can improve how your body responds to it with natural supplements and support. Don’t suffer through another season. This fall season go tell your fall allergies and symptoms to go take a hike by ordering our test kit today!

Our environmental allergies test kit will show you exactly what items you are allergic to. Along with your test results our clinician will guide you toward the best supplements to help improve your allergies.

We care about you and want to help manage your allergies.

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