cbd oil helps with anxiety By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

Life can be tough for people who suffer from anxiety. Their reality is different from everyone, yet a very real experience for the anxiety sufferer. If you know of someone, who suffers from anxiety the best thing you can do is to show empathy and be there for them. Being there for them will make them feel safe, and help them get through the symptoms and experience.

What causes anxiety? It all depends on where the anxiety is coming from. For example, some people may have a genetic predeposition to it, imbalance of neurotransmitters, illegal or prescription drugs, a situation they are going through, adrenal fatigue, underactive thyroid, food reactions or extreme stress in life may be the cause.

CBD oil aka cannabidiol is derived from the cannabis flower. So, to answer the question, “Can CBD oil help anxiety?” Research points to the answer as being, Yes! CBD oil has been effective in reducing many types of anxiety and stress. Research also suggests that it may improve mood, sleep, healthy brain function and more.  See our link below for information on CBD and anxiety.

Too much stress and anxiety can not only affect your well-being but also negatively affect your health by taking a toll on your adrenal glands. If you have been a victim of anxiety or are constantly in a state of stress, you should consider having your adrenals tested. Symptoms from your adrenal being overly stressed can be: not being able to get out of bed, constant anxiety, trouble concentrating, fatigue, constant sicknesses and depression to mention a few. You can find out if you do have adrenal stress by taking our Adrenal Saliva Test. Having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? We understand and want to assure you that there is hope and many ways to deal with anxiety and stress.

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