Can Drinking Your Greens Heal Your Gut?By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings

There are many benefits from drinking your greens, and gut healing can be one of them if you use healthy ingredients. Almost every disease starts in the gut. Therefore, it only makes sense to heal the gut first or alongside with other means of treatment.

For example, I have an autoimmune hypothyroid condition that although is hereditary, it may have been prevented if I had understood years ago that what I was eating would either increase or decrease my chances of having an autoimmune condition. Thankfully, I finally was able to comprehend how important my diet is for my health and I have been able to reduce my thyroid medication by half the dose by eliminating gluten from my diet. I feel so much better!

I say all that to emphasize the importance of nutrition to the gut, and the gut to overall health since that is where inflammation and disease start. Let us first discuss how you must reduce and eliminate certain foods to get the full benefits of drinking your greens. Honestly, if you consistently eat foods with no nutrient value, causing more harm than good, drinking greens will not be your miracle.

If you cut out sugars that feed candida in the gut and eliminate inflammatory foods, plus add your greens in, you will be on your way to healing in no time and should be able to feel the difference.

Drinking greens will save you time especially when you do not have the time to make yourself a meal. You can use a Nutribullet or Vitamix machine which keeps the juice plus the bulk in one drink.  Now that is a quick way to get your vitamins and minerals in! Furthermore; you can always add more gut supportive foods by adding bone broth powder, beneficial fats or a probiotic rich food. How is that for a nutrient healing boost! If you want a creamy smoothie, try adding 1/4 avocado or 1/3 banana for sweetness and texture. Keep the banana small so not to add too much sugar though. For a delicious gut-healing smoothie recipe click here!

Not being able to absorb nutrients can be due to a gut condition that is known as Leaky Gut. Having Leaky Gut is usually one of the symptoms that most people have when they are autoimmune along with many other conditions like IBS, food sensitivities, pain, hair loss, weight gain or loss and acne. Too much bad bacteria can also wreak havoc in the gut, which is why eating probiotic-rich foods or taking a supplement will help gut health immensely. If you are having any digestive issues or do not think that you are absorbing all your nutrients, you could be suffering from poor gut health. One sure way to check your gut health is by using our non-invasive Comprehensive Stool Test Kit.  The Comprehensive Stool Tests check for leaky gut, candida yeast, inflammation markers, parasites and much more! So, find out what is going on inside YOUR gut today!

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