By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

blood test for food allergiesThe Gluten free diet is pretty popular these days. It really seems to help those suffering from auto immunity, weight gain and even fatigue. But sometimes just giving up wheat is not enough. Sometimes other grains can be contributing to health challenges due to cross reactivity.

Cross reactivity means that other foods, such as barley and corn, can have a similar protein structure to gluten and some people may react to them the same way they react to the gluten protein. The immune system can mistakenly think the grain protein is actually the gluten protein, even if it is not. This does not occur in everyone’s immune system, but we do see it happening often enough that it concerns us.

There is one way to test for grains that act like gluten proteins. On our store you will see the Cyrex Labs Cross Reactivity Test which is the best way to test for cross reactivity. The other way to test is via IgG food intolerance testing which we also have on our store. Some of the grains tested will be corn, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, oat, rice, potato, sesame, yeast, chocolate, tapioca, soy, egg, dairy and teff.

The first food I eliminated when I learned about auto immunity is gluten and I started to feel better pretty quickly. But over time symptoms started bothering me again. I did the Cross Reactivity Test and learned I was having gluten – like reactions to most of the grains I kept on eating, like corn and quinoa. Today I eat mostly AIP (auto immune Paleo) but I do enjoy brown rice once or twice a week. But if I eat corn tortillas I feel those auto immune symptoms try to reappear. I have run many of these tests on clients and some are totally fine with the cross reactivity grains but others are not.

Before you adjust your diet do a blood test for food allergies that includes all of the grains. Take a look at our online store and if you have questions just email us, we are here to help you feel your best.

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