How Can a Food Allergy Test Help Me Focus?By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC,

I can remember back to middle school, that something had changed in me. I was having trouble in school for the very first time. Things that used to make sense did not anymore, and I was getting easily distracted. If I had grown up in the year 2017 I probably would have been labeled as having attention deficit, but that phrase was not known in the 1970s. At the same time that my brain did not want to work the same as it had before, I started getting stomach aches too. That was NO FUN!

My parents put me in a special class on Saturdays to help me catch up, that was no fun either, having to go to school Monday through Friday and now Saturdays too? Goodness gracious, there had to be a better way! And why did this just start to happen to me? What changed?

Looking back, now as an adult and a clinician that has learned how food can affect the body and the mind, I can easily say what happened. There was a stress in 5th grade, we had moved from one town to another, and the move was not easy for me. I had to start all over making friends, I missed my friendly neighborhood, plus I also had a bunch of vaccines going into the 5th grade. My thought is that the stress of the move plus the boatload of shots that summer triggered an autoimmune response in my body. Watch the movie, “Vaxxed”, it is a real eye opener! My regular pediatrician said I had developed irritable bowel syndrome, but I never had that before 5th grade.

When I had a test to take or a big test to study for I would starve myself as I felt like I focused better without certain foods and I know my stomach did not hurt as much too.

Now as an adult and owner of a wellness clinic I know for sure that I became gluten intolerant in the 5th grade. Anytime I eat egg noodles, pop tarts, wheat bread, crackers, cookies, etc my stomach would kill me and my brain would forget all the lessons I was taught in school that day. It was a cycle that seemed to be never ending. Dairy was not my friend either; it was causing acne, stomach aches, and brain fog too.

I learned all of this around 20 years ago when a natural – minded clinician like myself did food allergy testing on me. She also explained gluten and the autoimmune connection and everything finally made a bunch of sense. I stopped eating all gluten grains, dairy, and limited sugar and my brain is back to normal, no more focus problems, ever! And the only time my stomach hurts is when I accidentally get “glutened”

My youngest son started having attention issues in school and as soon as we took gluten out, and the foods he was allergic to, the symptoms miraculously went away.

So easy! Just change the diet and improve the brain!

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Food Allergy Testing

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