eat fat to lose weight, get skinny eating fat, high fat diet for weight loss, lose weight high fat diet , thyroid testBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

Over the past few decades, fat has received a bad reputation. Now there are some bad fats, BUT the good fats are beneficial and can even help some people lose weight and get skinny. Contrary to all we have been “spoon fed” about fat, the real culprit that prohibits weight loss is sugar,! Sugar plus the wrong fats like trans fats plus inflammatory vegetable oils can cause weight gain and the inability to lose weight.

The good type of fats that you DO want to enjoy are olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, nuts, seeds and fish oils; these particular fats should not cause you to gain weight but instead help you to get skinny. These are the type of fats that can help you burn the stubborn and hard to lose fat. Studies have shown that small amounts of coconut oil daily help trim belly fat! Adding healthy fats will keep you full longer, cutting down on food cravings. Now of course in saying that, please know that you need to have the right combination with your healthy fats or you could end up sabotaging your weight loss efforts altogether.

Anti-inflammatory diets such as Keto and Paleo both incorporate good fats and many who struggle with weight have been able to keep the weight off with these two plans.

If the though of eating fat makes you fearful of gaining weight due to constantly struggling with weight, you should consider our Comprehensive Blood Test + Thyroid. Our blood work test can reveal why weight loss is a struggle by checking inflammation markers, leptin levels, c-reactive protein, fibrinogen, homocysteine, and the thyroid gland. If all the levels are good then consuming fat could be the right choice for you. If levels are off, then you will be given a protocol so that you can have your levels balanced that way you CAN start losing weight and enjoy the good fats! Now that is answer anyone can like, so go ahead, order our test and get your skinny on!

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