acne candida, candida causing acne, Candida "Yeast" Stool TestBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings

A few of us are born with great genes that will keep our skin beautiful throughout the stages and ages. For the majority of us, I believe beautiful skin starts within. The same can be true for those who have acne too.

Many who suffer from unsightly acne will try different options to achieve clear skin ranging from all types of skin care, harsh topicals, and even prescriptions drugs in hopes of clear skin. However, most of those pursuits are toxic and can cause liver, hormonal, and gut damage. Lets’ talk about what is going on “within” when you are on strong prescriptions like tetracycline’s which are commonly prescribed for acne.

Candida yeast is a concern, especially when it gets out of control. The problem is that while it lives mostly in the gut and it is policed by the good bacteria in there, the candida yeast behaves like good citizens. However, when antibiotics are introduced into the gut, it kills all the bacteria whether good bacteria or bad bacteria causing gut chaos. Now that the good bacteria are no longer around to keep the candida yeast in check, the candida yeast goes crazy and starts multiplying causing a candida yeast overgrowth. This candida overgrowth can show up on your face as inflammation that causes acne, but acne is not the only symptom of candida.

Yeast overgrowth symptoms also include the following:
gastrointestinal distress
autoimmune disease
food sensitivities
nutritional deficiencies
skin conditions
brain fog
sugar and carbohydrate cravings,
chronic fatigue
weight gain

Thankfully candida can be balanced naturally with diet and certain supportive supplements. If acne, plus some of the candida symptoms, make you question whether or not you have candida, find out for sure! We offer a Candida “Yeast” Stool Test that you can perform in the privacy of your home. If your results are positive for Candida, you will be given a natural protocol! Get your beautiful skin by making sure everything is all good within by starting in the gut!

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We care about you and want to help you achieve clear skin and a healthy gut naturally.

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