By Alane Archer, ND, CNC and Michelle Tuffs

Knowing how Causes and Solutions To Hair Loss thyroid affects my own life, I can’t imagine adding complications like hair loss due to thyroid or hormone levels to the overload of unappealing symptoms. Added stress affects your cortisol levels which can become noticeable when hair loss begins. When you’ve reached this point your overall health, mental and physical, has probably begun to feel as if everything you do takes so much more effort than it should!

Some clients with hair loss have test results that show:
High Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (anything over a 2.0 is too high)
Low Free T3 or Low Free T4
Thyroid Antibiodies positive
Low or High Hormones (for women we usually see high Testosterone and/or DHT) and in men we typically see high estrogen)
High cortisol (in men or women)
Low healthy hair vitamins like B’s, biotin, fatty acids, zinc, calcium, D, etc

Realizing you are a Test Kit or two away from understanding the Causes and Solutions to Hair Loss is a fantastic gift! Testing for levels of cortisol, low or high hormone levels or vitamin and mineral levels shouldn’t be a guessing game, and with us, there are NO guessing games, just clear answers.

  1. Comprehensive Blood work FEMALE   
    Comprehensive Blood work MALE
  2. Saliva Hormone Testing FEMALE / MALE
  3. Vitamin and Mineral Testing

Test Kits for Causes and Solutions to Hair Loss can be ordered through our website or feel free to call us with any questions. Guessing won’t solve the problem, and we want to get to the root of your hair loss quickly!

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