By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

How to Figure Out the Causes of Hair Loss in Women and Then Get on the Right Path to Improved Hair Quality, Beauty and Health.

Knowing how Causes of hair loss thyroid, hormones and other underlying imbalances affects my own life, I try very hard not to have to deal with hair loss too. But many years ago, before I got into the wellness field, I and very thin hair and hair loss. That made my stress level go up which caused more hair loss. It seemed like a vicious cycle that I had to stop and I did. 

A sluggish thyroid for example plus added stress affects your cortisol levels which can become noticeable when hair loss begins. And women, I know it is not fair when we talk about hormones and hair they affect hair loss, but they do. A hormone imbalance is one of the causes of hair loss. Once everything was in balance my hair started to grow and I not have healthy, strong and shiny hair. Phew!

Some Causes of Hair Loss in Women: 
High Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (anything over a 2.0 is too high)
Low Free T3 or Low Free T4
Thyroid Antibodies positive
Low or High Hormones (for women we usually see high Testosterone and/or DHT) and in men we typically see high estrogen)
High cortisol (in men or women)
Low healthy hair vitamins like B’s, biotin, fatty acids, zinc, calcium, D

Realizing you are a Test Kit or two away from understanding the Causes of Hair Loss is a fantastic gift! The test results will be an amazing guide so you know precisely what your body and hair needs for optimal health. Testing for levels of cortisol, low or high hormone levels or vitamin and mineral levels shouldn’t be a guessing game, and with us, there are NO guessing games, just clear answers.

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