CBD Oil How it Impacts AutoimmuneBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings

I am blown away by how amazing CBD oil is! I just watched a documentary on a series called The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed and as soon as it started, the host said that he was not going to reveal the name of the plant until later in the show. Right then and there I began to figure out which plant they were referring to. Immediately, my antennas went up for several reasons.

One reason was that we sell CBD oil in our clinic and online. Therefore, I could not wait to hear what the series was going to share about their research, testimonies, and findings. The other reason is that my mom is getting ready to go through chemo treatments for her cancer and I already know that CBD oil is an excellent supplement to help boost the immune system. Especially since CBD oil has anti-cancer properties that are currently being researched and studied here in the USA and abroad.

About CBD Oil
Every human being and mammal on the planet have what is called an Endocannabinoid system, which is why we produce different cannabinoids in our bodies naturally. We have two essential cannabinoid receptors called CB1, and CB2 receptors, which indicates that the human body was built for cannabinoids. Hemp is the ONLY source of cannabinoids outside of our bodies!

So now, if you do not already know, you are probably wondering, “What is CBD oil?” CBD oil is short for cannabinoid oil which comes from the cannabis or hemp plant. This plant has significant healing benefits and of course, is continually being studied for medical use. You will not get “high or stoned” using CBD oil. CBD hemp oil is a 100% legal in all fifty states because it is non-psychoactive and in some strains very low in THC. In fact, it can actually counter react THC psycho-activity.

Scientific and clinical research is showing CBD oil has promising potential to help heal a variety of conditions such as antibiotic resistant infections, chronic pain, depression, MS, diabetes, arthritis and many more conditions. CBD oil has also been shown to be a very effective anti-inflammatory treatment. This is exciting news for anyone who suffers from autoimmunity because autoimmunity starts with inflammation! Others looking for relief from pain, seizures, anxiety, depression, and other conditions can also put their hope in CBD oil because it is showing itself as a real miracle, providing healing support in those areas as well! Which should be of no surprise, because our Endocannabinoid system is linked intricately to our immune system, nervous system, and to our brain and digestion. No wonder, the documentary series I watched was called the Sacred Plant! The cannabis plant is able impact autoimmunity symptoms and could be the answer to many other health conditions too.  For more trusted information about CBD oil check out Projectcbd.org

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