By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

detox blood test first It is the beginning of the new year, and people want to start fresh in every way! A popular thing to do around this time of year for health conscious people is to detox! Sounds good and detoxing can be good for you, but you need to beware of a few health markers before you detox yourself into trouble!

Instead of doing fad cleanses that use lemon juice, cayenne, and maple syrup or the liver flush which uses olive oil and Epsom salt, why not simply start by eating healthier and exercising? You could start out easy by juicing organic celery, beets, and carrots for the liver. Drinking plenty of water will also help flush toxins out. There are many choices out there, be smart and consider your liver enzymes, protein, sodium and potassium levels before you begin a detox.

Those with a health condition like diabetes, heart diseases, or severe health conditions should contact their natural health provider to make sure you are healthy enough to do a detox. The last thing you want to do is risk your health. Everyone should get a blood test before he or she detoxes because sometimes we are not aware of our health markers or nutrients levels which could put us at risk.

The best way to make sure that a detox will work for you is first to check your nutrient levels, which you can do through blood work. Blood work will reveal your iron, B12, folate and Vitamin D levels to make sure that your kidney and liver functions are well enough to support a detox safely. Having your blood work done will help ensure that you are healthy enough to detox before you start. We understand that you want to get started on your detox soon as possible and may not want to make a doctor’s visit just to get blood work. That is where we come in because now you do not have to make a trip to the doctor’s office, you can quickly order our Comprehensive Blood Work Test! Thinking about detoxing? Detox the smart way and make sure your body can support a healthy detox today!

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You will receive a supportive protocol from our practitioner with every test result.

We care about you and want to help you start off the new year feeling great!

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