By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

chronic fatigue test kitIf you are suffering from chronic fatigue and wondering if there is something you can do at home that may provide answers then look no further! Chronic fatigue can be debilitating for many people. Men, women, teens and even children can struggle with low energy levels. Traditional lab testing may not be enough to properly identify why there is fatigue and the correct direction of support your body needs to provide you with the energy you need in life. Too many people go through life tired when they do not have to!

Two reasons for fatigue are low adrenal function and low thyroid function. Both of these energy producing glands need to be properly functioning so you can properly function. When someone comes into our clinic saying they are too tired, the very first thing we do is offer them a chronic fatigue test kit to check their thyroid and adrenal glands to make sure the glands are doing what they should be doing. If they are not doing so, proper support needs to be provided to get them doing their job better for you. Traditional blood tests can look at cortisol (the “wake-up” hormone) only one time during the day – the time of the actual blood draw. This is simply not enough. We do cortisol testing via saliva and we test it four times during the day without an invasive blood draw. Saliva is a great tool to look at cortisol levels effecting your adrenal gland and, subsequently, your energy. Next, we look at the thyroid gland. Sometimes regular blood testing is not enough. We do an easy blood spot to look at TSH free T3, Free T4 and thyroid antibodies. A blood spot is much less invasive to the body than a blood draw and can be done in the comfort of your home.

We make our chronic fatigue test kit available to everyone whether they are local clients or out of state clients.

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