Chronic PainBy Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

Dealing with Chronic Pain and desperately wanting pain relief should not rule your day or life. 

Chronic Pain may be interrupting your work, daily life, recreation, and joy. Chronic Pain can keep people from doing everyday, routine daily activities, which may decrease their overall strength. It is really a catch -22. The less you do, the less you will be able to do. But the more you do, the more you hurt. Pain relief can happen, and you can start to enjoy life again. I have mastered pain relief with myself and many happy clients, and I can help you too. 

Chronic Pain that persists over six months or longer can become weary and even depressing to most people. 

Chronic Pain can be caused by previous injuries to your body, autoimmune disease, Lyme, poor circulation, headaches, toxins, migraines, inflammation, food reactions, stress, insomnia caused by guilt associated with time not spent with family and friends.

Do I understand chronic Pain and the maddening desire to find permanent pain relief? Yes. Back in the 1980s, I had trouble walking. The entire lower half of my body was in constant Pain. If anyone touched me, I would feel radiating Pain all day long and into the following day. The chronic Pain lasted for 5 long years before answers for the Pain came my way. No one could figure out why I was hurting so much. It was very stressful and life-altering. 

Five years later, I started to desperately search for the root cause, treat it and get better. Reasons for Pain can be different for many, but I have found a similarity with many of my clients. Most chronic pain cases have an underlying autoimmune issue called Lyme. And others have a high toxic metal burden. They all have food intolerances which is why I highly suggest testing for them. 

What got many of my clients and me better was getting answers and a clear direction to pain relief. 

Here are some testing options to get to the root cause of the chronic pain symptoms:

1. Consider an Igg / IgA + gluten intolerance food test to learn the possible food triggers for the Pain

2. Consider a 1-hour ZOOM or phone appointment with our clinic to help you get to the root cause and then guide you on the best path for health and healing.

3. Make sure there are no toxic metals. (consider the toxic elements hair analysis test kit)

4. If you are Lyme concerned, we are a Lyme Literate clinic and can help you. We also offer the best test for Lyme, all of the co-infections and viral loads. 

Whether you are suffering from fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme, Lupus, connective tissue disease, Pain from an unknown source………….we can help! Chronic Pain happens, but you do not have to let it take over your life. Figure out the right path for healing and start feeling better. Live your life to the fullest again!

Each test result comes with a personalized protocol for YOU!

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