Comprehensive Blood Tests Can Identify Why You Have Issues Losing WeightBy Alane Archer, ND, CNC and Michelle Tuffs

So, you began the New Year with rules and had restricted yourself beyond belief! Control your chocolate urges when you could have savored a glorious piece of ganache coated delicate chocolate cake? And still, that section in your closet that you’ve dreamed of delving back into, the one with the smaller sizes, (and yes we all have one) has yet to be realized!

There could be simple reasons why you are struggling with losing weight that you may never realize without Comprehensive Blood Tests. Resistant weight loss seems to plague many people as we “mature”! Our bodies change, our hormones are definitely not what they were in our 20’s and even our 30’s. Comprehensive blood tests can accurately show levels of hormones, b12, insulin, leptin, all thyroid levels, pituitary and more. Anyone or all of these can indicate reasons you may not be able to get those extra pounds off no matter how hard you work out or alter your diet!

A complete liver profile will show if your body is getting rid of toxins. If your liver is overworked, this can lead to inflammation and weight gain, especially around the belly. This can be shown when there are high liver enzymes.

Thyroid hormone levels will reveal how well or not so well your body is metabolizing the foods you eat. A comprehensive blood test looks at TSH, Total and Free T3 and T4, plus don’t forget thyroid antibodies and the pituitary gland!

Insulin is known to be a fat building hormone, and excess levels are a guarantee of fat accumulation in the body. You can have a totally normal glucose level and A1C, but insulin can be very high which leads to issues losing weight.

C reactive protein, leptin and other inflammation levels. Many times we see people that are having issues losing weight due to inflammation levels being high. When this is the case, a dietary adjustment is needed to reduce inflammation, and the weight comes off!

Weight loss is also very dependent on the availability of many nutrients in the body, iron being one of them. If you become deficient in these nutrients you may experience fatigue and altering your diet could make all the difference with your weight loss progress! Plus the hungrier people are, the worse they tend to eat.

Learning all you can from Comprehensive Blood Tests may begin your 2019 all over again! With results, you’ve hoped to achieve as well!

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All test results come with an easy to understand protocol and a full-color chart so you can see how high or low your levels are.

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