By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Russell Shein

nutritional hair analysis Are you concerned about whether or not you are meeting your nutritional needs? Minerals are the basis of all life, and need to be in balance in your body for optimum wellness and nutrition. General symptoms of mineral imbalances include depression, brain fog, sleep troubles, muscle twitches, ADHD, hair loss, high blood pressure, hair loss, and just generally feeling toxic. When minerals are out of balance, one of three things is happening. The first of which is simply heavy metal toxicity. This is when heavier metals build up in the body and slow down processes – which most commonly presents with neurological or nervous system symptoms.

Minerals need to be in balance with each other for optimum functioning. Sometimes, these “pairs” that bounce off of each other can cause deficiencies when their opposite gets too high. Generally a deficiency in one mineral is either from too much of another mineral or simply from your body not getting enough. The other balance is an antioxidants to mineral ratio – if you do not have enough antioxidants then your toxins levels will end up high since antioxidants main job is to eliminate toxic metals in the body. Minerals and antioxidants come from foods, and there are benefits to making necessary dietary adjustments to help regulate your mineral and antioxidant levels. A nutritional hair analysis  is the simplest way to look at mineral, antioxidant and metal levels. Once we have your results, we give you a detailed protocol with the necessary lifestyle changes to get you back to feeling better.

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