By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

food allergies, allergy test , test kitsLife is full of feelings. Happiness and joy are two of my favorites! Feeling worn down is not!

When someone comes to me saying they are feeling worn down, I start looking at the causation. This is a very different approach than most people. Because I have found that most people who are feeling worn down will reach for something to pick them up. Not realizing that this can mask the cause and, if left uncorrected, can grow into a potentially life altering condition.

For people who are never seem to regain their strength, and seem to continue to feel worn down, a serious effort should be made to determine the cause. Food allergies are one of the leading causes of poor energy levels. When confronted with the possibility that someone’s poor health is the result of food allergies, I recommend they get a test kit and perform an allergy test which shows immediate reactions to foods and delayed reactions as well.

Recently, we had a client that visited our clinic complaining of feeling worn down. Her diet was ok, but had little variety. We recommended she get a test kit from us for food allergies. When the allergy test results returned from the lab, the results indicated that several of the foods that she was eating regularly were causing unnecessary symptoms like feeling worn down. We recommended she eliminate those foods that the allergy test noted and that she add-in some new foods that were safe for her to eat into her daily diet. Within a few week she had fully recovered her stamina and was no longer feeling worn down. A simple test kit for food allergies had given her back her life!

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