crossfit, adrenal burnout , adrenal test By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings

If you are trying to muscle up, lose weight and stay fit CrossFit may sound like a great way to achieve those goals. CrossFit is great for many, and many see the results that they have been seeking by incorporating it. However, CrossFit is not for everyone every day.

Everyone understands that being regularly active supports health, well-being, energy levels, and body composition. However the main reason that CrossFit is not for everyone is that it can cause more stress and harm than good in certain in folks. For example, “No pain, No gain” is the opposite for individuals who suffer from autoimmune disease and adrenal fatigue. CrossFit can cause these people to have physical exhaustion from performing these high-intensity workouts regularly. If high stress can cause adrenal fatigue or hypothyroid symptoms, then there should be caution with excessive intensive exercises that put stress on the body.

So, to sum it up, for some people CrossFit may be the perfect fit. For others, it may cause more stress and adverse effects like adrenal fatigue. Most individuals who have adrenal fatigue or autoimmune issues can still enjoy being active and they should try to stay active. They just have to choose wisely the type of exercises and make sure that their bodies rest when needed, as to not put more stress on the body. After all, when the body is stressed, hormones like cortisol levels can increase causing the body to hold on to fat and gain belly fat sabotaging goals! Symptoms of high cortisol levels can also cause sleep issues, depression, memory problems, digestive problems, moodiness, weight gain, heart palpitations, racing thoughts and much more.

So exercise smart, that way your hard work pays off with good energy levels, great sleep, and the best health. If you are experiencing the above symptoms, your stress hormones may be off, and you should highly consider having your cortisol levels tested with our Adrenal Fatigue Test. If your adrenal hormones are out of whack you can get them better balanced, and you can do it naturally! Getting healthy and staying healthy should not be complicated. We want to make testing for your health easy for you with our test kits!

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