By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

ditch the dairy

Could there be a dairy allergy? How many times has the pediatrician asked you or your children, “How many glasses of cows milk do you drink per day?” They hope you’ll say a few glasses a day to get your daily percentage of calcium in. But, in reality, your body doesn’t need all that milk and other dairy products, and in some cases, it may even be harming your child’s body if there is an intolerance to the proteins in milk which leads to common dairy allergy symptoms. 

I can remember growing up; I drank a lot of cow’s milk. Mom would go to the dairy barn once a week to get the family milk. Breakfast would be a bowl of cereal and a glass of cow’s milk. Lunch would be a sandwich and a glass of milk. A 3 pm snack after school would be a sugar-rich snack and a glass of cow’s milk. Dinner would be a nightmare because I would usually have a stomach ache caused by a reaction to the milk products I was drinking and eating all day long.
Since dairy is a common food for most people, it was not a consideration that I was having a reaction to dairy or a dairy allergy.

Some symptoms I was having, which were clear signs of reactions to milk and other dairy products were; acne, trouble focusing, stomach aches, constant sinus congestion, and coughs.

As I got older, I ran a blood test for dairy allergy and other food allergies, and to no surprise, I was reacting to the proteins in milk and a few other foods.

Three out of four people are lactose intolerant which shows up as dairy allergy symptoms. 

Examples of common foods containing dairy are milk, yogurt, sour crème, ice cream, and cheese. How do you know if your child needs to avoid milk products because they are having a reaction to milk? We will get you the answers you need about food allergies in our simple blood test. Even easier, it can be ordered as a finger prick, you decide. 

If you have some of the following persistent symptoms, you may have a dairy allergy.



 Frequent cold or flu

 Skin problems

 Stomach bloating

 Sinus pain

 Irritable bowel


 Low iron levels

Sinus Congestion


Acne and Skin Eruptions


Brain Fog


Concerned there is a dairy allergy? Thinking there are other food allergies or sensitivities? It is best not to guess and to find out for sure.

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