By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

blood test for nutritional deficiencies Even the people with the best dietary intentions test positive for nutritional deficiency. It has been said many times that the food we eat is not as nutritious as the food decades ago. Fruits and vegetables do not have as many vitamins and minerals in them as the fruit and vegetables from decades ago. This happens due to the soil the crops are grown in being depleted in nutrients. Agriculture today wants the product to grow quicker than ever. They also don’t want pests to be eating the food before we get it so they use pesticides.

Food that is fast grown and genetically modified to be pest resistant does does not support good nutritional value as the food from before. Levels of calcium, iron, zinc. B vitamins, C and A have dropped over 20 % over the decades. One study showed you would have to eat 8 oranges to get the same amount of vitamin A from one orange from long ago.

This does not mean we should not eat as healthy as we can, it just means we may need to supplement more then our grandparents or parents did. We also may have to put up with health challenges that arise from vitamin deficiencies more then before. When I grew up I remember just taking a little multi vitamin pill and that was enough. But now, even my blood test for nutritional deficiencies showed I am low in antioxidants. I eat plenty of organic fruits, vegetables, organic chicken, grass fed beef and very little sugar if any at all! I also remember one of my clients that came in and told me how healthy she ate and she took a multi vitamin that was from food. She wanted to prove to me that her nutrient levels were fine. So we tested her and they were not, hers were low too!

It is with the best intentions that people eat a healthy diet full of healthy fruits and vegetables. It is not their fault that nutrients are low and they have to supplement! But the problem is every person is different and a simple multi vitamin may not be the best choice for everyone. That is why I really like this blood test for nutritional deficiencies. It tests most vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids and comes with an individualized protocol and explanation so people know exactly what they need to supplement with.

Is your diet healthy enough? Run a blood test for nutritional deficiencies and find out!

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