By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

saliva and blood hormone testsWe have found blood testing or blood spot testing to be the best methods for thyroid testing, plus there has not been an accurate way to test the thyroid via saliva yet. For the sex hormones and adrenals we absolutely prefer saliva hormone testing over a blood test. One reason we like saliva over blood for hormones is it is absolutely less invasive then blood testing. But there are other valid reasons.

Saliva hormone tests are much more accurate than blood testing hormone levels. Saliva testing checks the bio-available or what is called free-fractioned levels in your body. This represents the hormones that are actually available to work properly for you at the cellular level. Blood levels of hormones only tests the levels that are present in the tissues. Being present does not mean they will work right for you. Saliva testing has been used to accurately measure the body’s levels of the hormones Cortisol, DHEA, Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone for over 30 years!

Saliva testing is also the answer for many individuals who have had their hormones tested through a traditional blood test, and were told their results came back as “normal, ” yet they still don’t feel normal. This happens more often when it comes to hormones because the blood test can miss what the saliva can detect! You cannot feel “normal” when your hormones are off balance no matter what your blood tests says.

Here are a few signs that your hormones are imbalanced:
Chronic Fatigue
Food cravings
Mood Swings
Weight gain
Hot flashes
Brain fog
Hair loss

These are just a few symptoms of imbalanced hormones- yikes! If you are curious about your hormones, why not take a noninvasive and accurate saliva hormone test? Let your saliva speak the truth about your hormones!

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