Digestive Disorders & How To Correct ThemBy Alane Archer, ND, CNC

What is that sound I hear coming from my stomach during this meal? Is my food not digesting well? Will I have to rush to the bathroom? What can I do to correct my digestive issues? This is getting embarrassing and a bit annoying.

Why does it seem that you are the only one at the table that has digestive issues? It is not fair that you cannot eat whatever you want without worry. Are you embarrassed to eat at a business luncheon or dinner? Are you concerned your digestive issues will be known to others?

I totally get YOU! I can think back to when I was younger. I was so afraid to eat out, or at a friends house. I was never certain my digestive disorders would keep quiet and let me enjoy my outing. I remember senior prom day very well. I chose not to eat all day, and I picked at the expensive food at the dinner. I was so scared my date would realize I had one of those stomachs! Another night I will never forget was New Year’s Eve my senior year of high school. I chose to eat dinner out with my date before the party started. Big mistake! We got to the party house, and by 10pm I began to hear those grumbling noises coming from my digestive system, so I had to ask my date to take me home quickly. I apologized for my stomach, all the way home.

For many people suffering from digestive issues, how to correct them can be different for everyone. For me, it was stop eating gluten and start using beneficial bacteria, and I was fine. But that is not the solution for everyone.

Some causes of digestive disorders:
food intolerance
food allergy
dysbiotic or harmful bacteria in the gut
parasite infection
lack of or low amounts of digestive enzymes
low fiber
low short chain fatty acids
leaky gut
a poor diet

Whatever the cause, there is always a solution! For example, if the cause of your digestive disorders is that protein is not breaking down easily, the solution is a digestive enzyme with protease in it. If the cause is that fat (like olive oil, avocado etc) is not breaking down easily then the solution may be a digestive enzyme with lipase when you chose to eat fat. And if the cause is a food intolerance, then just remove the food from the daily diet.

If you are suffering from digestive disorders, figure out the cause and how to correct it will seem simple. We are here to help you feel your best and live the healthy life you desire!

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